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Meet Elliot Hamilton

Meet Brewer, Elliot Hamilton!

Bridge’s End was born at the intersection of art and science, and it is from that place we enthusiastically introduce our brewer, Elliot Hamilton. Having studied neuroscience and economics in college, Elliot is a perfect fit for the Bridge’s End team. Don’t be intimidated by that big brain of his – Elliot is approachable, calm, thoughtful, and a general delight. 

Elliot spent  most of his childhood in Mount Vernon, Ohio before moving to Granville. While a student at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, a 21st birthday gift from his mom would change the course of his life: the Mr. Beer homebrew kit. After fermenting the first batch in his dorm room closet, Elliot enrolled in Chemistry of Brewing. His affinity for science quickly proved invaluable to brewing and creating high-quality products.


Staying true to his Pennsylvania college student identity, Elliot’s first beer was, of course, a Yuengling. He tips his hat to “America’s Oldest Brewery,” but, even on his tight college student budget, Elliot began to explore beyond the mass-produced domestics. A job at a drive-thru beer distributor allowed Elliot and his friends to  pool their money to buy the craft stuff. He fondly recalls his first sips of different offerings from Arrogant Bastard, Southern Tier, Troegs, Dogfish Head, and more, with a special place in his heart for the first sour he ever tried: Briney Melon Gose from Anderson Valley.

Elliot worked at Voodoo Brewing Company, Delta Airlines (can you blame a guy for wanting to see the world?), and Eastside Brewing in Reynoldsburg before landing at Watershed Distillery (after all, what is distilling but brewing with extra steps?), where he was in charge of new product development, the sensory program, and quality control. Having gone through many phases of exploring his beer palate, Elliot found himself drawn to exploring and creating craft lager. We are thrilled he is bringing his experience, curiosity, and creativity to Bridge’s End. The way Elliot, Alex, and Bill collaborate is inspiring, and all three are committed to making the best beer possible in a welcoming, communal environment. Welcome aboard, Elliot!


Quick Hits:

Favorite Beer to Drink:
Nearly impossible to answer because beer is experiential, but Grande Negro Voodoo Papi is hard to beat.

Brewing Philosophy:
Focus on finding the balance of art and science in everything he brews. 

Favorite Beer Ever Brewed:
A “hilariously mean” homebrew he concocted back in the day for a buddy’s wedding - a reiterated mash American imperial stout with vanilla beans and cinnamon.

Hobbies and Interests:
Spending time outside, golfing, frolfing, cooking, traveling, listening to music and playing video games and board games with friends.


Notable Awards:

-2022 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Gold in the American Lager category (East Side Brewing)

-2022 ASCOT Awards, Gold Medal for Nocino (Watershed Distillery)

-2023 Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 93 pts for Nocino (Watershed Distillery)

-2024 ADI International Spirits Competition, Gold for Four Peel Gin (Watershed Distillery)

-2024 ASCOT Awards, Gold Medal for Vodka (Watershed Distillery)

-2024 LA Spirits Awards, Gold Medal for Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon (Watershed Distillery)

-2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Double Gold for Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon (Watershed Distillery)

-2024 ASCOT Awards, Gold Medal for Strawberry Four Peel Gin (Watershed Distillery)

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