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Meet Karen

If you're going to meet "Our People," we can't wait any longer for you to meet Karen.

There are three things you need to know:

1. Not all Karens are "Karens," especially not this one.

2. Karen is among the world's best listeners and, therefore, not the type to talk about herself.

3. None of this would be happening without Karen.

On that first point, we can't wait for you to meet our Karen.  She'll restore your faith in Karens the world over.  She is kind.  She is graceful.  She is fun.  She is sincere.  She is simultaneously young at heart and wise beyond her years.  She listens without judgment.  She sees the good in people. She is your first phone call if you have good news or bad - even if she never keeps her phone with her.  She's the one you want in your corner, and she'll already be there before you even have to ask.

On the second point, Karen didn't tell us any of this.  Because we knew Karen would never agree to an interview about herself, we did some digging with those who know her best and got her four grown kids to spill the beans.  They told us Karen and Bill first got together in ninth grade when they went to a school dance together (she asked him!).  The young romance was not without hiccups, whether you blame emotional immaturity (him) or an affinity for older boys with nice cars (her), but no force in the universe could keep Karen and Bill apart.  They reconnected after college, quickly got engaged (she asked him - again!), and built a life in Central Ohio.

Other things Karen will never tell you:  She's the host with the most.  She makes every party guest feel like the only person in the room.  She builds forts with her grandkids and doesn't make them clean up the mess. She loves dogs.  She's constantly helping other people.  She once ate a glue sandwich because one of her kids (the oldest) tricked her and told her it was mayonnaise.  She laughs at herself.  She has great taste, but she's not pretentious.  She almost never sleeps.

Finally, on the third point, it's not hyperbole to say Bridge's End wouldn't exist without her.  After decades working together at Bill's medical practice, when Bill hatched the plan for the brewery and asked if they should do this thing (he finally asked her!), she thought he was joking.  But then she said yes, and the two of them got to work.  Karen did more than just give it the green light, though.  This place might only exist because she said yes, but it has heart and soul because she's involved every step of the way.

Karen is our guiding light.  She's our moral compass.  You will feel her influence in every Bridge's End employee.  Good people attract good people, and Bridge's End will be full of them.  We can't wait for you to meet Karen - she's here to listen.  And bring your family, whatever that looks like to you.  Karen is all about family.

Karen's mantra: “No one is perfect. Try to always find the good in people and focus on that.”

Favorite Brewery: Lagunitas, in Petaluma, CA

Favorite Place to be with family: The beach, soon to be tied with 9320 Dublin Road.

Favorite Food: Cheese and crackers.  We'll do her proud with our charcuterie. 

 Favorite Music: The Rolling Stones if Bill is in the room, The Beatles if he's not.

Favorite sports team: All Cleveland teams, though she's infamous for declaring the game over if the other team scores first! 

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