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Meet Alex Lawrence

For our Founder Bill, it was important to find brewers who embody the Bridge’s End mission, vision and values, as well as our commitment to quality and excellence.  In his search, he was lucky enough to find not one, but TWO individuals that definitely fit the Bill—pun intended. As luck would have it, they are also incredible, and incredibly fun people. And the best part? How they work together! Without further adieu, we are thrilled to introduce our first Brewer, Alex Lawrence.

Smart as a whip, extremely passionate about brewing, and one of the friendliest, most modest people you will ever encounter. To really get the full "Alex Experience", you'll have to come to the brewery and meet him…and hear his infectious laugh (it might rival Bevis and Butthead’s). He has a lovely and equally friendly wife, and says that sharing experiences and enjoying life with family and friends—along with good music—are the most important things to him outside of the brewery. Alex also seems to speak a secret language with our founder and our other head brewer—they literally finish each other’s sentences.  Alex is full of ideas and can execute them, too.    

Alex grew up in the "Made in the USA City" of Coshocton, Ohio.  After some time studying chemical engineering and vocal music education, Alex found his passion in food science.  When he landed a job at Woolly Pig Farm Brewery, Alex was hooked.  In addition to home brewing, Alex's other professional brewing experience includes stints at Hasseman Brewing Co., Buckeye Lake Brewery/East Side Brewing Co., and an award-winning year at Combustion Brewery and Taproom (You can read his full list of awards at the end of this article.)  We are so excited to have Alex on board as we launch Bridge's End and can't wait to see where he takes it through the years, with his great laugh and humble nature along for the ride. 

When asked if he remembers his first beer, he can’t help but laugh at the quip. “The first beer I ever had was at a restaurant the day I landed in Germany. I was 17 at the time. Not many Americans can say their first beer was a true German Pilsner. I'm a bit ashamed to say, I didn't love it at the time. I did fall in love with hefeweizens during that trip. That style is still very nostalgic for me.” He then fondly recounted his beer evolution.  He spent some time admiring and recreating IPAs, what he calls his "hop-head phase," before leaning into the subtleties and complexities in pilsners, helles, and the like.  Alex's passion for these styles makes him a perfect fit for Bridge's End's mission of bringing highly drinkable, refreshing brews to Central Ohio.  

As a self-proclaimed process nerd, Alex loves old techniques and traditional brewing methods and can't wait to integrate those with new ingredients and technology. The crew at Bridge’s End and Alex agree on many things (obviously), but especially on the belief that beer and breweries at their core are really about bringing people together, and that what makes brewing fun, is sharing your creations and making connections with people. You can tell Alex truly believes this when you talk to him. 

Welcome, Alex! We’re so excited for all that you bring to the table!

Favorite beer he's had: Columbus Brewing Co - Schwarzbier - "Simple and beautiful.” 

Favorite beer he's brewed: Wooly Pig Franconian Method - "It was a really traditional and interesting process that produced an amazing beer.”

Favorite activities: Disc golf, snowboarding, singing and playing board games with friends.


- 2022 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Gold in the American Lager category (with East Side Brewing) 

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Gold for Coffee Blonde Ale (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Silver for Imperial Stout (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Silver for Dunkle European Lager (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Silver for Adjunct Ale/Pumpkin Ale (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Silver for American Lager/Mexican Lager (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Silver for American Blonde Ale (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Bronze for Scotch Ale (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Bronze for Adjunct Stout/Pumpkin Stout (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Best Brewery in the Central Ohio Region (Combustion)

- 2023 Ohio Craft Brewers Cup, Best Brewery in the Small Size Category (Combustion)

- 2024 World Beer Cup, Silver for Wood Aged Strong Stout Category (Combustion)

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